Available Packages

You can download and install packages using the tusk application that comes with Narwhal. Check out tusk help for details. These are some of the packages:

  • jack: the webserver and web application/framework agnostic interface, similar to Ruby’s Rack and Python’s WSGI. Narwhal was conceived while building Jack, and was later extracted into it’s own project.
  • chiron: a system of interoperable JavaScript modules, including a type system, base types, general-purpose functions, events, encoding, decoding, hashing, and caching.
  • nitro: a web application framework built on top of Jack.

And others including:

  • Narcissus
  • Wiki Creole
  • Browser
  • Inspec
  • Kupo
  • Bespin Server Prototype
  • Bespin PubSub
  • Nitro Templates
  • Google App Engine Utilities

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